January 9, 2016 – Web Site Statement:

The entire Carmela’s Family would like to thank everybody for their patience and understanding during this difficult time, and we would like to update you with the new information that we have available. The fire is still under investigation, but appears to have originated in the ceiling of the ladies room where it then traveled to the second floor storage area.

In the process of moving forward from this tragedy, our Mamma Mia’s Plymouth Waterfront location will be hosting a “Friends of Carmela’s” Event this Sunday January 10. This event will feature one of your favorite Carmela’s bartenders, Diane, where we hope to bring our loved ones together to support our family in need. This will be an ongoing program in which Mamma Mia’s Waterfront hosts “Carmela’s Nights”, is planned to take place on Tuesday & Thursday nights featuring other Carmela’s bartenders and servers, as well as all day Sundays.   Tuesdays will feature Carmela’s Wicked Trivia and Thursdays will feature Carmela’s famous Prime Rib Special!

Starting Sunday, January 10, existing Carmela’s gift cards will be honored at Mamma Mia’s Plymouth Waterfront Restaurant, located at 122 Water Street in Plymouth.  For technological reasons, the cards may only be redeemed at this one Mamma Mia’s location.

Customers who have Carmela’s Lire, may redeem these at all Mamma Mia’s locations (Kingston, Plymouth Waterfront, Hanover, Carver, Marshfield, Plymouth Pinehills).

Again, we want to give our most sincere thanks to the Fire Department, First Responders, and Neighbors, as well as our community for the incredible outpouring of support. We are extremely grateful that nobody was hurt throughout this incident.

Our focus right now is on our Carmela’s employees, and on building a new and improved Carmela’s where we will be able to celebrate our 20th Anniversary as planned. We expect this to take 2-3 months but we will update progress regularly.

Carmela's Kingston MAAbout Us

In 1974, Pasquale “Pat” and Giovanni “John” Viscariello, brothers from Airola, Italy opened their first restaurant in the small town of Kingston, Massachusetts. They decided to name their restaurant “Mamma Mia’s” in honor of their Mother. Their wives, Maria “Francesca” and Eugenia “Jenny” worked beside them. Their children, Salvatore “Sam”, Antonio “Tony”, Gina, and John, grew up in the business, making pizza boxes by the hundreds until they were tall enough to reach the pizza counter. 40 years later, their Grandchildren are hand tossing pizza and learning the business. Mamma Mia’s quickly became known as “The first name in family dining”. Inspired by integrity and traditional family values. The generations continue working together serving the highest quality, authentic, Italian food.

In 1996 the Viscariello Family opened their fine dining establishment in Kingston called Carmela’s Italian Restaurant & Lounge. Carmela’s is named after Pasquale and Giovanni’s mother Carmela!

The Viscariello family mission today remains unchanged. Provide superior hospitality, reasonable prices, and old world Italian food with great pride and dedication. Buon Appetito! Enjoy!